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"Kelly was not only an outstanding graphic designer, but she was able to provide that rare combination of high artistic talent and consistent professionalism. When I had requested projects from Kelly, it was honestly exciting to see how she was able to produce concepts that satisfied the company's goals while incorporating her own sense for what would take the project to the next level. The subsequent process of managing Kelly and the project always went smoothly. Our organization became so impressed with her work product (and work ethic) that our company essentially placed our most important project that year (a series of interactive web-based modules) in her hands. The final result far exceeded our expectations, and after the fact we wondered if we could have achieved that success had we not had Kelly as a project partner. In short, Kelly is a rare talent whom I highly recommend."

Director of Strategy and Infrastructure

New Global Citizens

"I had the pleasure to work with Kelly Joseph and I have nothing but good things to say about her. She showed exceptional design skills and coupled that with a strong sense of creativity. During the time Kelly worked with me, I was asked to design a credit card for GE's, then just beginning, ecomagination program. I asked Kelly to submit several designs also. In the end GE chose a design based on a photo she took. I would recommend Kelly as a reliable, passionate, creative source for design."

Multimedia Manager

GE Money

"Kelly is a fantastic designer who asks probing questions to determine what the client desires. She applies her background and knowledge to provide suggestions and feedback to help the client improve upon their initial design concepts. Once the project starts, Kelly is in constant communication, asking important questions and clarifying any unclear ideas. She has a very efficient turnout time and seeks feedback before making revisions and changes. She is willing to continue working with the client until they are happy with the final product. Kelly is professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend her highly for jobs big and small!"

Senior Program Director

Junior Statesmen of America

"Kelly Joseph is a driven, talented and technically gifted designer. I had the pleasure of working with her on multiple environmental design projects and she always delivered quality products on time and on budget. She is really great at what she does."

Senior Designer

Jack Rouse Associates

"Kelly is an incredibly rare breed. She blends her intellect and always takes the time to gather an in-depth understanding of what is needed and then combines it with this uber creative absolutely brilliant design talent that is unparalleled. She has always been 18 steps ahead of where I think a design or piece can go. It seems that for every 1 piece she creates, I am able to find 10 uses - and not traditional uses - really fun, out-of-the-box, amazing uses. I would hire her in 2 seconds to do any graphic work for any project. She is so versatile, personable, detail oriented and...brilliant. Get her on your project while you can - her rates will be out the roof before long. She is really just that good...and also a kind-hearted human being that any one of us would be fortunate to work with."


New Global Citizens

"Kelly is the perfect combination of many things you'd want in an associate, a vendor, a boss or a friend. She has great intuition about everything in life and cares a great deal for all that she touches, resulting in UNcompromising ethics and a built-in quality control of her own work! If you were to speak with her in person, you would see the unwavering focus she possesses. She has that glint in her eye that says "I live life to the fullest and settle for nothing less than 'incredible' !" She has the ultimate toolbox of talents. She is a designer who is also a photographer and she's a photographer who is also a designer. The perfect combination! That combination allows for efficiency in the thought and design processes because she knows exactly what she needs to happen to make her graphics work seamlessly, as of one mind. Kelly Joseph would be a valuable asset to anyone, whether it be contract work or full-time employment, because of her total commitment to beauty and art and the designed page."


Deskey Integrated Branding

"I've had the pleasure of working with Kelly on a variety of challenging projects. She's a hard worker and has a great eye for detail and composition. It's easy to tell she's passionate about her work, and loves to have fun doing it."

Graphic Designer


"Kelly is awesome! She is creative, and she brings fresh approaches and ideas to any project! She is a joy to work with."

Project Coordinator


"Kelly is a passionate designer and person. She has a wide variety of skills, including photography and illustration that compliment her thoughtful design talents. She spends the time to understand the client's goals and develop a solution with meaning. Her positive approach and easy demeanor make her a pleasure to work with. Due to her other commitments, she was not able to join our staff full time, but we hope to continue our relationship with Kelly on future projects."

Project Manager

Nova Creative

"Kelly is a passionate and talented designer. From start to finish, her thoughtful design approach never fails to produce unique and refreshing, quality solutions. The level of thinking she provides is what really makes her stand out from the crowd. Kelly is a truly well-rounded and kind-hearted individual, and I'm honored to have had the opportunity of working along side her."

Senior Designer


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From brochures to signage to websites and everything in between, I offer custom print and digital media services.


Logos, naming, identity, brand standards -- everything you need to get your business' image looking smart and polished.


Whether created digitally or with pen and paper, I will work with your criteria to make custom illustrations for any project.


Evaluating ideas, crafting narratives, creating campaigns, and building lasting brand equity to take your work to the next level.

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